Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finals update

I have updated my entire May sweeps comparison spreadsheet with final national numbers. Unfortunately, I do not have the time/willpower to update the calibrated percentages into each post on this blog, so my method going forward will be as follows:

  • The afternoon posts will still be fast national vs. fast national comparisons and will remain the same numbers that I post on PIFeedback. The previous comparisons listed in parentheses will also be based on fast national vs. fast national comparisons just to keep those posts consistent; the only exceptions will be previous comparisons from those four days in Week 2 when finals were the first numbers available.
  • Beginning with this Thursday's finals, I will be making daily evening posts using FINAL vs. FINAL comparisons to sum up the four-week history of various shows.
  • The last two weekly summaries will be delayed till the Wednesday finals come out, and each comparison in those lists will be FINAL vs. FINAL. That will mean that there will be discrepancies between the daily fast nat posts and the weekly summaries, but the weekly summaries and the evening comparison histories should be seen as the definitive sources. (And hopefully I'll get around to editing finals comparisons into the previous two weeks of lists, though that has not happened yet. Will post if I get it done.)
  • My last posts, a summary of the complete four-week period, will also consist entirely of FINAL vs. FINAL comparisons.
I'm sure all of my loyal reader(s) found that riveting. :-)

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