Friday, May 8, 2009

May Sweeps 2009 Week Two Analysis by genre

Previous genre lists: Week 1


BBT +21%
30 Rock +12%
Rules +5%
Simpsons +3%
2.5 Men +2%
HIMYM even
Office -8%
American Dad -10%
Family Guy -10%
King of the Hill -11%
Earl -25%

(Cold Case 9pm vs. year-ago Cold Case 8pm) +21%
Gossip Girl +20%
Supernatural +18%
NCIS +17%
One Tree Hill +9%
Criminal Minds +6%
Ghost Whisperer +4%
Law & Order: SVU +3%
CSI: NY even
CSI: Miami even
Numb3rs -4%
(House 8pm vs. year-ago House 9pm) -10%
Smallville -13%
(Thursday Bones vs. year-ago Monday Bones) -15%
(Wednesday Lost vs. year-ago Thursday Lost) -15%
Grey's Anatomy -16%
Ugly Betty -17%
(8pm Reaper vs. year-ago 9pm Reaper) -20%
Brothers & Sisters -21%
(Tuesday Without a Trace vs. year-ago Thursday WAT) -21%
Law & Order -21%
Medium (10-11 pm) -22%
CSI -27%
Desperate Housewives -30%

20/20 (10pm) +50%
60 Minutes +25%
DWTS (8-9:30 pm, Mon.) +9%
American Idol (Wed.) +1%
American Idol (Tues.) -1%
America's Funniest Home Videos -4%
Survivor -10%
ANTM -15%
(Friday Supernanny vs. year-ago Wednesday Supernanny) -21%
Dateline (2 hrs., Fri.) -21%
DWTS results -27%
Dateline (7-8pm, Sun.) -33%
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -36%
(Friday Wife Swap vs. year-ago Wednesday Wife Swap) -44%
(Thursday Hell's Kitchen vs. year-ago Tuesday Hell's Kitchen) -46%

ANALYSIS: Once again, it's good to be a comedy. Fox's entire animation lineup improved week-to-week vs. the year-ago evening due to the removal of Sit Down, Shut Up, as first projected here. ;-) The only real tank job was the Earl/Parks hour on NBC, and that was due more to that hour making a big spike on that evening last year. (Although as we'll see in the next set of Thursday numbers, Earl tanked all on its own this week.) A lot of dramas had better showings this week, while most reality shows stayed around the same. Something I observed this weekend in conjunction with the huge decline of Dateline is that both of those hours air against another newsmagazine, and both of those newsmagazines are improved year-to-year. Seems that people are switching away from the NBC program.

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