Friday, May 8, 2009

May Sweeps 2009 Week Two Analysis by network

Previous network lists: Week 1

20/20 (10pm) +50%
DWTS (8-9:30 pm, Mon.) +9%
America's Funniest Home Videos -4%
(Wednesday Lost vs. year-ago Thursday Lost) -15%
Grey's Anatomy -16%
Ugly Betty -17%
Brothers & Sisters -21%
(Friday Supernanny vs. year-ago Wednesday Supernanny) -21%
DWTS results -27%
Desperate Housewives -30%
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -36%
(Friday Wife Swap vs. year-ago Wednesday Wife Swap) -44%

60 Minutes +25%
(Cold Case 9pm vs. year-ago Cold Case 8pm) +21%
BBT +21%
NCIS +17%
Criminal Minds +6%
Rules +5%
Ghost Whisperer +4%
2.5 Men +2%
CSI: NY even
HIMYM even
CSI: Miami even
Numb3rs -4%
Survivor -10%
(Tuesday Without a Trace vs. year-ago Thursday WAT) -21%
CSI -27%

Simpsons +3%
American Idol (Wed.) +1%
American Idol (Tues.) -1%
American Dad -10%
Family Guy -10%
(House 8pm vs. year-ago House 9pm) -10%
King of the Hill -11%
(Thursday Bones vs. year-ago Monday Bones) -15%
(Thursday Hell's Kitchen vs. year-ago Tuesday Hell's Kitchen) -46%

30 Rock +12%
Law & Order: SVU +3%
Office -8%
Law & Order -21%
Dateline (2 hrs., Fri.) -21%
Medium (10-11 pm) -22%
Earl -25%
Dateline (7-8pm, Sun.) -33%

Gossip Girl +20%
Supernatural +18%
One Tree Hill +9%
Smallville -13%
ANTM -15%
(8pm Reaper vs. year-ago 9pm Reaper) -20%

ANALYSIS: Generally speaking, this was a pretty healthy week for broadcast on a year-to-year basis. Even the oft-bleeding CW Monday had a good week. Network-wise, the big exception is ABC, which is still littered with double-digit declines and can probably only cite DWTS as a success among its heavy hitters... and even then, only the Monday airing. NBC is still seeing big drops out of its utility players, but its biggest-name shows (SVU, Office, Rock) are all doing OK. FOX's comparisons almost all improved from last week, while CBS was extremely strong this week, the only exceptions really being the three shows that aired on Thursday last year. It's a strange time for CBS when their biggest real problem among returning shows is CSI.

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