Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More housekeeping

Been setting up my spreadsheet for the finale-laden fourth week of sweeps and I've run into a problem; lots of shows have finales that are different lengths than the regular show! So here's what I'm gonna do.

  • If the finale is double-length and the year-ago finale was double-length at the same time (Idol Wednesday, DWTS Tuesday, EM:HE, Desperate Housewives) I will not break it down, I'll just compare one two-hour finale against another, average into the show's regular average, but count it twice. I'm not sure about AFHV, which falls under this column too but the finales occur on an irregular night.
  • DWTS Monday is the only time that a finale is a shorter-than-usual length. It'll be counted in the DWTS Mon. average but only at two-thirds weight of the usual 8-9:30 breakdowns.
  • For Criminal Minds, which has a two-hour finale this year and a one-hour last year, I will compare the first hour with the year-ago finale. Making a two-hour vs. one-hour comparison a part of CM's average seems unfair. (Arguably so does leaving out CM's last hour of the season, but I like this better.)
  • If the finale is regular-length and the year-ago finale is double-length (NCIS, Earl, Office) then there's a problem, because there were not readily available breakdowns for finals this time last year. Might just have to email Marc or something... otherwise, the numbers won't get averaged in with other Earl and Office airings. If I can get breakdowns, I'll do 8-8:30 and 9-9:30 comparisons in the averages.
  • NBC next Monday will be left out entirely, as there are two 90-minute programs last year and a 120-minute plus a 60-minute this year, and all four things are different programs. I'm too lazy to find a really cool way of doing it.
Sorry for another ridiculously boring post. It is more for me than for you. :-)

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