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The Breakdown: NBC Tuesday in 2021-22 (This Is Us, Young Rock, New Amsterdam and more!)

It's time for a journey through the NBC Tuesday schedule in 2021-22...


2020-21The VoiceThis Is UsTransplant144
2021-22The VoiceLa BreaNew Amsterdam117 (-18%)
166 (+7%)113 (-46%)73 (+6%)


With the final season of This Is Us delayed for midseason, new drama La Brea got the 9/8c post-Voice timeslot. It certainly paled in comparison to TIU, driving the network to a big loss overall in the fall, but it was a competent enough occupant, and The Voice and New Amsterdam were both up a bit.


2020-21Zoey's Extraordinary PlaylistThis Is UsNurses92
2021-22American AutoGrand CrewThis Is UsNew Amsterdam100 (+9%)
75 (+6%)60 (-16%)160 (+1%)74 (+57%)
67 (-5%)


This Is Us returned after the new year in solid fashion, matching last year's winter in Plus. But the network's new comedies American Auto and Grand Crew underwhelmed at 8/7c, not even matching the Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist ratings from a year ago. New Amsterdam crushed the year-ago import drama.


2020-21Young RockKenanThis Is UsNew Amsterdam89
2021-22Young RockMr. MayorThis Is UsThe Thing About Pam98 (+9%)
75 (-12%)56 (-14%)162 (+27%)65 (+0%)
65 (-13%)


In the spring, a sophomore comedy duo replaced the freshman comedy duo. It was a little stronger than the rookies (posting the same raw numbers post-DST) but down double digits vs. last year's comedies. This Is Us had a strong ending to its series run, but limited series The Thing About Pam didn't do much at 10/9c. New Amsterdam did a little better than Pam when it returned after that show wrapped.

Rating the Ratings

The Voice Tue Fall*0.70.831.1-15%162big hit+7%detail
American Auto0.30.370.5
Young Rock0.30.390.5-37%77marginal-20%detail
Grand Crew0.20.310.4
Mr. Mayor0.20.290.4-44%57flop-29%detail
La Brea0.40.580.8
This Is Us*0.70.821.3-19%161big hit+3%detail
New Amsterdam0.30.370.5-19%73marginal+2%detail
The Thing About Pam0.30.340.4

The Voice Tue Fall: Already updated.

American Auto: Of the two newbies, this was the stronger one, but that's not saying much. It's in the same ballpark as last year's season one of Mr. Mayor, but likely even a little weaker than that. The best thing you could say is that it was pretty steady post-premiere for awhile, but it fell into the high-0.3's in the last two weeks. Borderline at best, but got the renewal. Grade: C.

Young Rock: Season one was very front-loaded so the y2y trends got a fair bit better beyond the first month, but they still weren't good even then. But it's still pretty clearly the strongest piece in a messy NBC comedy department, so it got the only reprieve among the sophomores and will get the thankless task of opening up a Friday comedy hour this fall. Grade: C.

Grand Crew: I think the gap between Auto and Crew was big enough that Crew would've performed a bit worse if the two were flipped, but not a huge difference. I would put it in the same boat as last year's season one of Kenan as a show that felt a little shy of borderline, but still scored the renewal. Grade: C-.

Mr. Mayor: For a show that actually seemed like a worthy renewal last year (though not by a wide margin), this was a pretty brutal result. Considering it had those buzzy final This Is Us episodes as its lead-out, it should've been more competitive than this. Grade: D.

La Brea: This is the kind of show that often has big DVRing, but La Brea's delayed numbers were rather underwhelming, and it was very swingy based on the lead-in (tanking to 0.43 on Voice recap night). That and the post-premiere drops probably don't bode well for it as a long term property, but it still attracted some real interest from the casual The Voice audience, and that's the audience it'll have funneling in again in season two. So maybe it can hang on. Grade: B-.

This Is Us: This show had been on a decidedly Desperate Housewives-esque trajectory in recent years, but it took more of a Lost-like turn for the final season. Desperate (and most broadcast dramas, for that matter) went out with relative indifference, but the final season of This Is Us managed to turn back in a positive direction, even pulling off a minor upswing in Plus. It actually barely edged the final season of Lost (161 to 160), finishing as the top broadcast veteran drama final season of the Plus era. Grade: B+.

New Amsterdam: New Amsterdam managed to stem its own trajectory of fast bleeding, which is probably in large part about riding on the TIU coattails. But it wasn't too bad even in the fall after La Brea, so it gets a little credit. Grade: C+.

The Thing About Pam: Beyond the premiere night, it was always at sub-50% retention of This Is Us, and a little weaker than what New Amsterdam would've done. A disappointing result considering the Renee Zellweger casting and true crime premise. Grade: D+.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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