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The Breakdown: Fox Tuesday in 2021-22 (The Resident, Our Kind of People, Name That Tune and more!)

It's time for a journey through the Fox Tuesday schedule in 2021-22...


2020-21Cosmos: Possible WorldsNEXT44
2021-22The ResidentOur Kind of People75 (+71%)
88 (+77%)61 (+63%)


The Resident returned to Tuesday at 8/7c and launched Lee Daniels newbie Our Kind of People. They demolished last year's COVID filler, but OKOP could not capture any real Empire-esque buzz, and was generally even weaker than Prodigal Son had been on the night last year.


2020-21The ResidentProdigal Son80
2021-22The ResidentThe Real Dirty Dancing64 (-20%)
84 (-8%)44 (-36%)


But it got even worse for the Tuesday 9/8c hour after the new year. It was originally slated as the home of country music drama Monarch, but that got pushed to fall and so four-week reality series The Real Dirty Dancing stepped in to disastrous results.


2020-21The ResidentProdigal Son68
2021-22The ResidentName That Tune68 (+1%)
76 (-3%)60 (+5%)


The numbers improved back to roughly fall levels in the spring, as sophomore game show Name That Tune stepped in. While the lineup was even with last year's Resident and Prodigal Son, Name That Tune was a shadow of the show that had a pretty strong run in winter 2021.

Rating the Ratings

The Resident*0.30.420.5-23%83marginal-3%detail
Our Kind of People0.20.300.4
Name That Tune0.20.300.4-49%60flop-35%detail
The Real Dirty Dancing0.20.220.2

The Resident: Just keeps slowly trickling downward, and remaining just strong enough to get renewed. I have gone B- the last two years but I will go a touch harsher this time because the winter trend was not that good. Its comparison might have benefited from getting to air in the fall again. Grade: C+.

Our Kind of People: Throw it in with The Endgame and Queens as a new drama that underperformed, but had another new drama on its network (The Big Leap) that did clearly worse. Among all those shows, this may have been the least weak, as it held pretty close to its premiere number for most of the season before putting up a couple 0.22 duds at the end. But a 60ish Plus is still not much of a leg to stand on in terms of getting renewed. Grade: D+.

Name That Tune: When I saw it was down almost 50% I figured it had The Masked Singer as a lead-in in season one, but it was actually The Masked Dancer, and Name That Tune basically held 100% of it. That makes the version that showed up here pretty disappointing, although it aired much later in the season and did top Prodigal Son's year-ago ratings in Live+SD. Grade: D+.

The Real Dirty Dancing: Basically I don't want to give it the same grade as The Big Leap because that was a bigger and higher-stakes flop. Grade: D-.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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