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The Breakdown: CBS Tuesday in 2021-22 (FBI, FBI: International, FBI: Most Wanted)

It's time for a journey through the CBS Tuesday schedule in 2021-22...


2020-21NCISFBIThe FBI Declassified108
2021-22FBIFBI: InternationalFBI: Most Wanted111 (+3%)
131 (0%)101 (-18%)101 (+44%)


CBS removed NCIS from its longtime Tuesday 8/7c perch to set up a tri-FBI night, with the mothership at 8/7c leading into new spin-off International at 9/8c. FBI posted basically the same Plus as NCIS at 8/7c, a trend that would continue with incredible consistency all season long. Meanwhile, International stuck out as the weak link in the trio, only matching 10/9c occupant Most Wanted in raw numbers here and pulling a teeny bit ahead in the subsequent periods.


2020-21NCISFBIFBI: Most Wanted113
2021-22FBIFBI: InternationalFBI: Most Wanted114 (+1%)
133 (-2%)108 (-5%)102 (+14%)


What became clear once the apples-to-apples comparisons kicked in was that Most Wanted was having a very good season in the 10/9c hour, a trend that would continue in the spring period.


2020-21NCISFBIFBI: Most Wanted106
2021-22FBIFBI: InternationalFBI: Most Wanted105 (-1%)
118 (-1%)101 (-9%)95 (+9%)


International and Most Wanted dropped off a bit more in the spring than last year, but the lineup remained almost dead even year-to-year.

Rating the Ratings

FBI: International0.40.530.6
FBI: Most Wanted0.40.520.7-10%102solid+14%detail

FBI: The mothership had a football inflation last year so it was actually up somewhat meaningfully in the move to 8/7c. The difficulty of the timeslot change is somewhat debatable, as it had the NCIS lead-in but 8/7c is generally more favorable. But matching what NCIS did last year is impressive either way. Grade: B+.

FBI: International: It was definitely the weak link out of these three, but I'm inclined to say that's more a credit to the other two shows than a slam of this one. Considering its synergistic 9/8c hammock, it was probably weaker than the mothership's launch three years ago and Most Wanted two years ago, but really not by as much as you might think. It was reasonable enough to keep the lineup together. Grade: B-.

FBI: Most Wanted: All credit to the mothership, but Most Wanted might actually edge it out as the most impressive of the trio this season. It was up meaningfully despite almost certainly having a worse timeslot year-to-year, with International being weaker as a lead-in. The change in lead actor may have created some more interest, but the trends were good pretty much all season and not attributable to some fluke period. Grade: A-.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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