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The Breakdown: NBC Monday in 2021-22 (The Voice, Kenan, Ordinary Joe, and more!)

It's time for a journey through the NBC Monday schedule in 2021-22...


2020-21The VoiceWeakest Link131
2021-22The VoiceOrdinary Joe131 (0%)
162 (+8%)162 (+8%)68 (-26%)


Down to one cycle in a season for the first time since 2012, The Voice actually came up with one of its more encouraging recent performances, bouncing back to outrate the previous two fall seasons. But all that growth was squandered in the 10/9c hour, where newbie Ordinary Joe could not get anything going.


2020-21Ellen's Game of GamesThe Wall85
2021-22KenanThat's My JamOrdinary Joe61 (-29%)
60 (-38%)80 (-3%)42 (-46%)


Once The Voice was finished, things got rougher for NBC for the rest of the season. The pre-Olympics winter lineup saw double-pumps of low-rated sophomore comedy Kenan, plus the end of the Ordinary Joe run. The only small consolation in this lineup was an OK showing from Jimmy Fallon game show That's My Jam. After the Olympics came a four-week run for America's Got Talent: Extreme, not pictured here, which started OK but fell to roughly league-average ratings in a hurry.


2020-21The VoiceDebris101
2021-22American Song ContestThe Endgame57 (-44%)
62 (-50%)62 (-49%)46 (-20%)


Though The Voice may have been gone, NBC couldn't completely quit the singing competition space, but got a very poor showing from American Song Contest, managing only half of the year-ago Voice ratings. The 10/9c hour also struggled with new drama The Endgame, which had premiered at 0.5 after AGT: Extreme but quickly fell to 0.3's after that lead-in and then 0.2's after Song Contest.

Rating the Ratings

The Voice Fall*0.70.831.1-14%162big hit+8%detail
Ordinary Joe0.20.310.5
The Endgame0.20.270.5
American Song Contest0.30.320.5
That's My Jam0.40.440.6
America's Got Talent: Extreme0.50.550.7

The Voice Fall: As I said above, this season (which added Ariana Grande to the coaching mix) was one of the more promising The Voice seasons in recent years for a franchise that had long been on a steady decline. Now we'll see if the long hiatus will make the heart grow fonder. Grade: B+.

Ordinary Joe: In the fall post-Voice it looked almost exactly identical to Bluff City Law (which got an F) from a couple years ago, and maybe even worse by the end of the fall. Unlike Bluff City, this show got to air after the new year with a worse lead-in, and it looked bad there as well. But because I would argue there were some even bigger flops this season, I will give this one a Grade: D-.

The Endgame: It was less of a flop than Ordinary Joe; it premiered at about 90% of the OJ number with a much worse lead-in, and settled at basically the same raw numbers with a very weak Song Contest lead-in. But there's a long distance between Ordinary Joe and "renew-worthy," and The Endgame did not make up that gap. Grade: D+.

Kenan: I mean it wasn't really that much worse than last year, but it was a pretty shaky renewal last year. Grade: D+.

American Song Contest: It couldn't break the league average on premiere night and dropped precipitously the next two weeks, spending most of its run deep in flop territory. The Voice audience should be rested and ready to go for the fall, because they sure sat this one out. Grade: D.

That's My Jam: It was the only renewal out of all the winter/spring Monday mess (though the other unscripted shows are technically still pending). It's understandable, as it actually grew by a pretty solid margin from its Kenan lead-ins. I feel like this could've been pretty strong if it had aired alongside something like Ellen's Game of Games back in its heyday, but NBC may not be able to give it that kind of showcase these days. Grade: B-.

America's Got Talent: Extreme: It certainly paled in comparison to the last Got Talent winter spin-off, America's Got Talent: The Champions, which launched to a 179 Plus three years ago. But the AGT mothership is also a lot weaker than it was back then. As a percentage of the mothership, Extreme still lags behind Champions, and it had a much rougher post-premiere drop. It was competent compared with the lineup from before the Olympics, but not a great moment for the AGT brand. Grade: C.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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