Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Question, Tuesday 6/30/15: Will Viewers Visit the Zoo?

Tonight, CBS premieres the new drama Zoo, based on a James Patterson novel about animal attacks on humans. Like previous CBS efforts Under the Dome and Extant (and unlike many scripted efforts on other networks), this show was explicitly intended for the summer. Certainly, CBS is hoping more for a breakout like Under the Dome (premiered at 3.3) rather than a ratings disappointment like Extant (premiered at 1.6 but still renewed). Will viewers visit the Zoo? That's The Question for Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

I thought before the summer that this would be the summer's biggest drama premiere. Now I'm not so sure, especially since The Whispers surprised me with a 1.5. Zoo's timeslot doesn't seem good; its NCIS repeat lead-in may not crack a 1.0, and it has to face both America's Got Talent and possibly the tail end of a USA match in the Women's World Cup. Reviews are pretty blah, and it doesn't really seem to have the buzz I would've expected. The good news is that though it doesn't have a Halle Berry-sized star, this one seems stronger conceptually than something like Extant, which was derailed by very confused promotion. Zoo seems like it might have a Jurassic World-esque vibe, which could be appealing. In the end, my guess is that the timeslot will hold it back to some degree, but it'll still stand out among the surrounding repeats.

Over/Under: 1.45.

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