Monday, June 1, 2015

The Question, Monday 6/1/15: Will The Whispers Make Any Ratings Noise?

ABC opens its scripted summer with tonight's premiere of the drama The Whispers. The promos go out of their way not to shed too much light on what the series is really about, but one thing's for certain: it doesn't seem like a good fit with its lead-in, the heavily female-skewing The Bachelorette. The network could've given this slot to something much soapier like Astronaut Wives' Club, but maybe The Whispers simply gets the preferential treatment because of its bigger budget? It was originally slated for the regular season, after all.

There isn't really any potent scripted competition, but the incompatible lead-in means The Whispers will probably have to bring some of its own audience to have a good start. And premiering on this date means The Whispers will not yet benefit from any promotion during ABC's NBA Finals, which kick off on Thursday. Genre shows can always be a surprising draw, but I think the vague promotion and weird timeslot will limit the draw here. It'll be a challenge to do any better than the last couple seasons of Mistresses in the slot (each opened at 1.2). Will The Whispers make any ratings noise? That's The Question for Monday, June 1, 2015.

Over/Under: 1.15.

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