Friday, December 24, 2010

The War of 18-49, 1999-2000 Battlegrounds


Show Season
Lo Avg Hi
ER 6
12.2 15.0 20.2
Survivor 1 summer 6.1 12.07 22.8
The Simpsons 11
6.3 7.7 9.2
Law & Order 10
5.6 7.1 7.8
Law & Order: SVU 1 half on Friday 3.6 4.9 6.6
Big Brother 1 Summer, some Sat 3.5 4.1 9.9

This is not nearly a comprehensive list of shows; it only includes those shows covered in my War of 18-49 series.

Shows that air on Friday or during the summer are so denoted because of the inherent viewing level disadvantages at those times. The only shows denoted with other parts of the year are those that air multiple seasons within one broadcast year.

"Season" is the season number for the show. "Lo" and "Hi" are the lowest and highest original adults 18-49 ratings (out of what data I have) for that show in that season. "Avg" is the average of all Live + SD adults 18-49 original results, weighted for length (though I don't weight in extra or missing minutes due to very short overruns). All are approximations, but those numbers with only one digit after the decimal are less accurate due to substantial missing and/or preliminary information. For more about the incompleteness of my info in any individual case, see the individual show page.

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