Friday, December 10, 2010

Network Season Averages in the 2000s

This is another thing, like my recent cable syndication deals list, that seems like it should've been done somewhere already. It maybe/probably has and I just don't know about it. Anyway, here's my version. These are the adults 18-49 averages for each of the big four broadcast networks across the last ten regular seasons.

These averages include sporting events like the Olympics and Super Bowl which typically have noticeable effects on the averages. Ideally I'd love to get averages of just entertainment programming, but this is all I could find for now.

2000-01 Notes
ABC 4.4
CBS 4.0 Super Bowl
NBC 4.8
Fox 4.5

2001-02 Notes
ABC 3.6
CBS 3.9
NBC 5.2 Winter Olympics
Fox 4.0 Super Bowl

2002-03 Notes
ABC 3.8 Super Bowl
CBS 3.8
NBC 4.5
Fox 4.3

2003-04 Notes
ABC 3.2
CBS 3.95* Super Bowl
NBC 4.2
Fox 4.1

*- The number I saw for CBS came before finals were available on the last day of the season, and it wasn't certain whether it'd end up being a 3.9 or 4.0. So I went with 3.95, which is likely even more accurate than the other two numbers would be.

2004-05 Notes
ABC 3.7
CBS 4.0
NBC 3.5
Fox 4.1 Super Bowl

2005-06 Notes
ABC 4.0 Super Bowl
CBS 3.8
NBC 3.3 Winter Olympics
Fox 4.1

2006-07 Notes
ABC 3.5
CBS 3.7 Super Bowl
NBC 3.1
Fox 4.0

2007-08* Notes
ABC 3.0
CBS 3.0
NBC 2.8
Fox 4.2 Super Bowl

*- This was the year when the WGA strike shortened the seasons of almost all scripted shows. Aside from Fox, which benefited from the Super Bowl and the still full-strength American Idol, it was a rough year for the networks.

2008-09 Notes
ABC 2.9
CBS 3.1
NBC 2.8 Super Bowl
Fox 3.6

2009-10 Notes
ABC 2.7
CBS 3.2 Super Bowl
NBC 2.7 Winter Olympics
Fox 3.7

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