Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The War of 18-49, NCIS: New Orleans

Two Years with The Mothership

CBS kept the first NCIS spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles joined at the hip with the mother series for a whooping five years. In fall 2014, they finally found something that inspired them to separate the two: another NCIS spin-off! For the most part, New Orleans didn't look too different from what Los Angeles had been doing in the slot. It opened with a 2.5 demo out of a 2.9 NCIS lead-in, which seemed kind of underwhelming for a series premiere night, but the retention really didn't get any worse beyond that. It held in the low-2's pretty much through the winter and hit high-1's during the spring. The 124 Plus was a bit below all five previous NCIS: LA seasons, but the NCIS mothership was also a little weaker than it did been during LA's run in the slot.

NCIS: NO had a surprisingly shaky start to season two, hovering around a 1.7 which was down a quarter to a third vs. the low-2's from the previous fall. But it pretty much held at that level for the entire rest of the season, and it looked a lot better in the spring than it did in the fall. In the end, it was a small downtick in Plus for New Orleans, while the mothership had a small uptick in its Michael Weatherly send-off season.

The Move to 10/9c

NCIS: LA got five years in the cushy 9/8c slot, but New Orleans only managed two; for fall 2016, the network sent it to 10/9c in order to accommodate Michael Weatherly's new series Bull. It was a really compatible night, but New Orleans still got nicked pretty hard in the later hour; after a 1.4 and 1.5 in the first two weeks, it was down to the low-1's the rest of the way. Season four saw another decline in the ratings, from 1.0ish in the fall to consistently fractional by February. It feels like this show has been just a bit disappointing at each step along the way. But when you're an NCIS spin-off, just a bit disappointing means you can run for a very long time.

Adults 18-49 info by season:

12014-15Tuesday 9:
32016-17Tuesday 10:001.18-32%1.01.5detailC+
62019-20Tue 10:00, Sun 10:000.65-17%0.50.8detailB
72020-21Sunday 10:000.50-22%0.40.6detailB-

Historical-adjusted ratings by season:



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