Monday, June 11, 2018

The Breakdown: CW Monday in 2017-18 (Supergirl, Valor, iZombie and more!)

It's time for a journey through the CW Monday schedule in 2017-18...


2016-17SupergirlJane the Virgin50
2017-18SupergirlValor35 (-31%)
50 (-28%)20 (-37%)

Supergirl never got anywhere close to what it was doing at the beginning of its CW life last fall, pulling 0.5's for almost every episode of the fall. Valor remarkably declined even more in the 9/8c hour, compared with an already modest Jane the Virgin.


2016-17SupergirlJane the Virgin44
2017-18Legends of TomorrowValor28 (-36%)
39 (-34%)17 (-41%)

After a month of Supergirl in late January/early February (when it eked out a few 0.6's), Legends of Tomorrow took over for the rest of the winter and proved to be a somewhat weaker show (mostly hitting 0.4's). Once again, Valor managed to decline even harder than the 8/7c shows...


2016-17SupergirlJane the Virgin34
2017-18SupergirliZombie31 (-9%)
41 (-12%)22 (-2%)

The night looked a little healthier by the time spring rolled around, as Supergirl got its declines under control somewhat and iZombie proved a better option than Valor.

Rating the Ratings

Legends of Tomorrow0.40.480.9-24%44solid(CW)-15%detail

Supergirl: (Average above is through June 4.) It remained a stronger show than Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. And it's held up admirably enough into late May and June that I'm giving it the edge over those shows in the grading. But like most of the CW superhero universe, it's on the downturn. Moving to Sunday after probably much weaker local programming will be a fresh challenge for next season. Grade: C+.

Legends of Tomorrow: It had almost exactly the same number of The Flash lead-ins as last year, so the trend is fairly indicative of reality. It's not collapsing quite as hard as Arrow, but the trend still points down. Grade: C.

Valor: This show bombed, but if only it had Dynasty's Netflix deal maybe it would've made it... Grade: D-.

iZombie: It had some The Flash lead-ins last year, but also aired much deeper into the summer with horrible lead-ins. Those factors come relatively close to cancelling out and suggest a show continuing to get weaker, but not to a huge degree. Grade: C.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

Here's the now updated Schedules Plus for CW Monday.

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