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The Fall 2015 Preview/Review, Tuesday

Welcome to The Fall Preview/Review, a look at how each broadcast network fared on each night of the schedule in 2014-15. These are basically the Schedules Plus Updates from last year, except now arranged by day of the week and with a teeny bit more focus on what's to come in fall 2015. 2014-15 year-to-year changes are in parentheses, while "VsAvg" compares 2014-15 to the full historical average and "Rank" ranks 2014-15 against all available previous occupants. Each network name links back to its now updated Schedules Plus post for this day of the week.

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8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Avg
2013-14 Agents of SHIELD The Goldbergs Trophy WifeLucky 7 85
127 89 6053

2014-15 Selfie Manhattan Love Story Agents of SHIELDForever 73
62 5694 (+26%)65 (+23%)
59 (-53%)
VsAvg -30% -11% -11% -17%
Rank 12/14 9/14 9/14 14/14

2015-16 THE MUPPETS Fresh Off the Boat Agents of SHIELDBeyond the Tank

Tuesday was one of ABC's few trouble spots in the fall, with Selfie and Manhattan in particular setting what would be a very easy bar for The Muppets and sophomore Fresh Off the Boat to clear. The network also saw Agents of SHIELD come down significantly from its front-loaded season one average, and newbie Forever didn't do much either. But SHIELD and Forever were big enough improvements on the horrible occupants in the last 90 minutes that the nightly decline wasn't that catastrophic.

Period drama Wicked City takes over at 10/9c after four weeks of Beyond the Tank.


8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Avg
2013-14 NCIS NCIS: Los AngelesPerson of Interest 128
149 129 105

2014-15 NCIS NCIS: New OrleansPerson of Interest 120
144 (-3%) 124 (-4%) 91 (-13%)
VsAvg +23% +15% +6% +16%
Rank 6/14 6/14 5/14 6/14

2015-16 NCIS NCIS: New OrleansLIMITLESS

CBS traded out longtime NCIS lead-out NCIS: Los Angeles for the franchise's third entry NCIS: New Orleans, and the transition was seamless as New Orleans did almost exactly what LA probably would have in the hour. Both of the NCIS hours continued their gradual descent in Plus, but the drops were noticeably steeper at 10/9c with Person of Interest. That got Person bumped to midseason, while newbie Limitless takes over at 10/9c.


8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Avg
2013-14 The Biggest Loser The Voice Tue FallChicago Fire 136
102 197 108

2014-15 The Voice Tue Fall Marry Me About a BoyChicago Fire 120
184 (+80%) 71 62108 (+0%)
66 (-66%)
VsAvg +71% -39% +1% +11%
Rank 2/14 14/14 7/14 3/14

2015-16 BEST TIME EVER The Voice Tue FallChicago Fire

NBC tried again in fall and spring to launch comedies after The Voice, but got very little to show for it. Marry Me and About a Boy got the axe (their averages using just post-Voice episodes were 89/71), while only the summer import Undateable (84) survived to another season. But Chicago Fire remained resilient with mostly bad lead-ins at 10/9c.

There will be a bunch of maneuvering to accommodate Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris in the early fall; it starts at 10/9c for two Tuesdays, then moves to 8/7c. In mid-November, NBC will launch Chicago Med, the third prong of the Dick Wolf Chicago empire, at 9/8c.


8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 Avg
2013-14 Dads Brooklyn Nine-Nine New Girl The Mindy Project 78
74 80 89 68
77 78

2014-15 MasterChef Junior New Girl The Mindy Project 85
99 (+28%) 78 (-12%) 63 (-7%)
71 (-10%)
VsAvg +0% -36% -19%
Rank 7/14 13/14 10/14


Reality bomb Utopia is not included above since it lasted for just two regular season Tuesdays. It gave way to two short cycles of MasterChef Junior, which surged to league average-ish ratings in its move to a weeknight. Hell's Kitchen filled in with a mediocre 73 Plus from March through early June. After another year of Plus declines, Mindy was cancelled and New Girl bumped to midseason, and Fox will start totally from scratch this fall.

The CW

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 Avg
2013-14 The Originals Supernatural 50
47 53

2014-15 The Flash Supernatural 69
86 (+84%) 53 (+0%)
VsAvg +94% +61% +80%
Rank 1/9 1/9 1/9

2015-16 The Flash iZombie

Tuesday was already the CW's strongest night in 2013-14... and they went and improved on it by thirty-nine percent in 2014-15. (It's technically a little less if you combine Supernatural's numbers with what iZombie did from mid-March onward. But still a lot.) The Flash had the biggest A18-49+ in the history of the CW and was very close to having the biggest netlet season on record, just a point behind 2002-03 Smallville. It will lead into OK midseason performer iZombie (39) again this fall, as the newest DC series Legends of Tomorrow waits in the wings patiently.

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