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Spotted Ratings, Premiere Monday 9/21/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: The Big Bang Theory adjusted up two tenths to a more acceptable 4.7, but that meant Life in Pieces looked far worse as it adjusted down to 2.6, marking just 55% lead-in retention. Dancing with the Stars was able to hold its 1.8 in finals, but the CW's lineup got slammed in finals and thus went well below its norm from the summer.
  • The 2015-16 TV season began with a familiar face on top of the Monday standings: NBC, whose 10/9c newbie Blindspot (3.1) was the clear winner among new show openers thus far. It handily beat the combined ABC/CBS ratings in the hour and was very comparable (or maybe even a bit better) on a historical-adjusted basis to previous successful openers in the hour like Revolution (4.1 in 2012) and The Blacklist (3.8 in 2013).
    • It came after a The Voice lead-in (3.5) that was 15% behind last year's premiere in the prelims, a rate of decline that has been pretty familiar for this show in the last couple years.
  • On CBS, even a much-hyped premiere of megahit The Big Bang Theory (4.5) was still 18% below last year's opener, though it did mark a reasonable surge from the high-3's level at which it was mired in the late spring. New comedy Life in Pieces (2.7) only retained 60% of its lead-in on premiere night, and it could be worse in finals; while not completely DOA, this is even worse than the previous benchmark for incompetence in this timeslot (The Millers, which had a 3.3 out of a 5.2 for 63% on premiere night). The Odd Couple opened four tenths higher last spring out of a similar-rated TBBT.
    • Scorpion returned at a 2.2, well below its Big Bang-boosted premiere last year but on par with the season finale and a little above most of its spring points. And NCIS: Los Angeles had a terrible return, opening the year on a new series low. 
  • The biggest loser on premiere Monday was definitely Fox, where Gotham (1.6) couldn't pull itself up at all from its late-spring slump last year and may be eyeing new series low territory quite soon. And the newbie Minority Report (1.1) was dead on arrival at 9/8c.
  • Like CBS, ABC had a catastrophic start in the 10/9c hour as Castle (1.2) opened on a new series low of its own. Matching last year's 2.1 premiere was never gonna happen based on how far the show fell last fall, but this is rough. Dancing with the Stars (1.8) was within 10% of last year's premiere Monday rating, which would be one of the best year-to-year holds out there, but it could adjust down due to a Monday Night Football preemption.
  • Overall, this put the big four at 27% behind premiere Monday 2014. This comparison was a bit set up to fail since last year's opening Monday had a double-TBBT and a big Gotham premiere, but it still seems rough.


Viewers A18-49
Dancing with the Stars 11.46 1.8
Castle 6.84 1.2
The Big Bang Theory 18.20 4.7
Life in Pieces 11.28 2.6
Scorpion 11.09 2.2
NCIS: Los Angeles 7.89 1.2
The Voice 12.37 3.5
Blindspot 10.61 3.1
Gotham 4.57 1.6
Minority Report 3.10 1.1
Penn and Teller: Fool Us 1.15 0.3
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (R) 0.95 0.3
Significant Mother 0.47 0.1

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