Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Premiere Tuesday 9/22/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: The Voice (3.5), The Muppets (2.9), NCIS (2.5), Limitless (1.9) and Scream Queens (1.7) all adjusted up, while Best Time Ever went down to 2.1. All these upticks brought the collective big four to within 3% of last year's premiere Tuesday.
  • ABC had the best newbie news on opening Tuesday, with a strong launch for The Muppets (2.8) at 8/7c that also helped boost sophomore Fresh Off the Boat (1.9) to a tie for its best number since it moved to Tuesday early in season one. The Muppets was not exactly the "Agents of SHIELD of comedy" launch that some predicted, but this is still a number ABC will happily take, doubling last fall's debut of Selfie in this tough hour.
  • The other mega-hyped Tuesday premiere didn't have nearly as much luck, as Fox's Scream Queens (1.6) came on the scene with a thud. It averaged a 1.7 at 8:00 and a 1.6 in the next three half-hours. It did skew pretty young, and it's possible this could still settle in as a timeslot improvement on last year's New Girl and The Mindy Project (though I expected it to be pretty front-loaded personally). But a hit it is clearly not, and the hope for the Fox fall schedule is dwindling fast. 
  • CBS had a rather OK night on the bookends, with NCIS (2.4) rallying significantly from its weak late spring deliveries and ranking 17% behind last season's premiere. There's at least a bit of promise for the future with this one since the show will face much less competition moving forward as The Voice moves to 9:00.
    • And at 10/9c, Limitless (1.8) grew by a tenth from its lead-in. While it's a Stalker-esque start in raw numbers, it has to be considered a fair amount more promising; Limitless had a whole lot less lead-in support than Stalker did a year ago...
    • ...because NCIS: New Orleans laid an egg, barely topping its spring series low with a 1.7. It's not incredibly shocking since this show had stinkers against The Voice last year, but there's little reason for optimism since The Voice is staying in this hour for the near future.
  • NBC was quietly on top again as the Tuesday premiere for The Voice (3.4) was comparable to Monday in terms of both raw number and year-to-year decline. And given Best Time Ever's blah start last week, they probably could not have possibly asked for more than a 0.4 surge to 2.2 with a 1.3-point lead-in upgrade (even if it is likely to adjust down). But it won't matter if the move to 8/7c next week goes poorly.
  • So on a night with big-time premieres, the big four were still 6% behind last year's premiere Tuesday. A step up from Monday's trend to be sure, but still not a promising start to the season.


Viewers A18-49
The Muppets 9.01 2.9
Fresh Off the Boat 6.05 1.9
Dancing with the Stars Special 9.58 1.5
NCIS 18.19 2.5
NCIS: New Orleans 12.62 1.7
Limitless 9.86 1.9
The Voice Tue 12.34 3.5
Best Time Ever 5.91 2.1
Scream Queens 4.04 1.7
The Flash (R) 1.19 0.4
The Flash (R) 1.09 0.4

The full table can be sorted by clicking any of the category names at the top. Hover over 'y2y' and 'Ty2y' numbers for more information on the previous episode being compared.

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