Monday, September 28, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Premiere Sunday 9/27/15

  • It was a mixed bag on ABC's big premiere Sunday, starting with some disappointment and ending on some promise. At 8/7c, Once Upon a Time (1.8) could only get back to last season's finale numbers. It was always going to be down massively from last year's Frozen-fueled 3.5 premiere, but this was down four tenths from even the spring 2015 premiere.
    • It led into a soft start for newbie Blood and Oil (1.4), which skewed noticeably older than its Once lead-in (as it was actually up in total viewers). This show is one typical post-premiere drop from basically being on par with the Castles and Nashvilles in the world, which is not a good place to be on opening night.
    • But ABC had some silver lining in the 10/9c as fellow newbie Quantico (1.9) picked up noticeably at 10/9c. It's certainly got room to maneuver with this start, as it was miles above anything Revenge did in the hour last season. It doesn't really seem like B&O at 9:00 and Quantico at 10:00 was the right arrangement...
  • Fox's premiere night came without a national NFL lead-in, which led to absurd drops from last year's The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover premiere night. It was a very consistent night for the five shows (1.3/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.4), with 7:30 entry Bob's Burgers perhaps including a bit of regional NFL overrun. That level is good news for the live-action shows Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1.5) and The Last Man on Earth (1.4), but not as much for the animated anchors. 1.5 would've been a below-average number even by Family Guy's weak spring standards.
  • And CBS burned its opening night national NFL lead-in on a two-hour series finale for former megahit CSI (1.8). It was a higher number than anything CSI did in its final season on Sunday, but doesn't seem to particularly justify the big lead-in and a lot of the premiere week promotional muscle.


Viewers A18-49
Once Upon a Time (R) 3.50 0.7
Once Upon a Time 5.88 1.8
Blood and Oil 6.32 1.4
Quantico 7.05 1.9
NFL Overrun 18.06 5.7
60 Minutes 15.02 2.9
CSI 12.12 1.8
Football Night in America p1 7.99 2.4
Football Night in America p2 12.33 4.4
Football Night in America p3 15.97 5.7
Sunday Night Football 19.71 7.3
Family Guy (R) 2.34 0.9
Bob's Burgers 2.66 1.3
The Simpsons 3.26 1.5
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.14 1.5
Family Guy 2.90 1.5
The Last Man on Earth 3.07 1.4

The full table can be sorted by clicking any of the category names at the top. Hover over 'y2y' and 'Ty2y' numbers for more information on the previous episode being compared.

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