Friday, July 13, 2018

2017-18 Updates to the Best of Plus

Just a heads up that I have updated the four Best of Plus posts, which look at the top performers in the 17 years for which there are historical-adjusted A18-49+ ratings available. Here's what's new on each list:

Broadcast Comedy Seasons: It was a busy 2017-18 for the comedy rankings, especially at the top as the short-order revival of Roseanne (320) became the top broadcast entertainment series of the era. The Big Bang Theory's presence on the list became even more pervasive as season 11 (251) joined at #9, making for a whooping seven TBBT seasons on the list (including six of the top ten). And the Sheldon-verse got an eighth show in the rankings as TBBT spin-off Young Sheldon (202) also eked out a spot at #16, becoming the only new series in the era to qualify. Dropping out of the top 17 were seasons six (190) and five (188) of Modern Family; now every show on the list is over the 200 megahit threshold.

Broadcast Drama Seasons: Only one drama season qualified for the list, season two of This Is Us (247). It checks in at #8. Since the list gets one entry longer each year, all 16 shows on the list last year returned.

Netlet (CW/WB/UPN) Scripted Seasons: The Flash (72) made the cut for the fourth straight year, but unlike in the previous three seasons it didn't have any company from the rest of the DC universe. So all 16 shows from the list last year remain. Even in a big decline year, Flash checked in at #6, behind only its own three other seasons along with an Enterprise and Smallville season from very early in the era.

Broadcast New Scripted Series: Another list with three new entries in 2017-18! Young Sheldon (202) became the first new comedy to qualify as a megahit, but still came up shy of three past dramas and checks in at #4. ABC's 10:00 smash The Good Doctor (163) checked in at #11, and the Fox winter sensation 9-1-1 (151) eked out the 17th and final slot to give us exactly 17 "big hits" in the 17-year A18-49+ era. Glee (141) and Rob (140) dropped off the list.

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