Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Best Of Plus: Broadcast Comedy Seasons

This is The Best Of Plus, a look at the top performers since 2001-02 using numbers that are adjusted for historical decline. The table simply looks at the top n examples, where n is the number of years since 2001-02... so with each yearly update, each list will get one entry longer. There are some pithy notes about many of the seasons below the table. The chart you can activate at the bottom chronicles the top single performer within each year.

42695.07The Big Bang Theory72013-14
62574.32The Big Bang Theory82014-15
72563.73The Big Bang Theory92015-16
82533.10The Big Bang Theory102016-17
92512.75The Big Bang Theory112017-18
102495.25The Big Bang Theory62012-13
112402.28The Big Bang Theory122018-19
122249.63Will and Grace42001-02
132145.05Modern Family32011-12
142129.44Will and Grace52002-03
152104.97The Big Bang Theory52011-12
162104.96Two and a Half Men92011-12
172022.21Young Sheldon12017-18
182014.23Modern Family42012-13
191903.19Modern Family62014-15


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