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The Breakdown: CBS Wednesday in 2017-18 (Survivor, SEAL Team, Criminal Minds and more!)

It's time for a journey through the CBS Wednesday schedule in 2017-18...


2016-17SurvivorCriminal MindsCode Black118
2017-18SurvivorSEAL TeamCriminal Minds119 (+1%)
157 (+3%)104 (-15%)95 (+20%)

After more than a decade at 9/8c, Criminal Minds finally got moved to 10/9c. Its replacement at 9/8c, SEAL Team, was far inferior even when compared with this low-end Criminal Minds season, but CBS made up for most of the 9/8c losses with big gains from Minds at 10/9c.


2016-17HuntedCriminal MindsCode Black96
2017-18The Amazing RaceSEAL TeamCriminal Minds99 (+4%)
123 (+22%)88 (-18%)86 (+10%)

CBS got one of the surprises of the season when The Amazing Race came out of nowhere with a whooping 1.6 demo to start its winter run. It drifted into the low 1's for most of the season and went fractional against the Olympics, but it still added up to big gains vs. the already decent-rated Hunted at 8/7c.


2016-17SurvivorCriminal MindsCriminal Minds: Beyond Borders107
2017-18SurvivorSEAL TeamCriminal Minds105 (-2%)
143 (+0%)84 (-24%)87 (+31%)

In the spring, it was back to Survivor and the dramas coming close to even year-to-year, with even bigger losses at 9/8c with SEAL and even bigger gains at 10/9c with Minds compared to its spin-off.

Rating the Ratings

Survivor Fall*1.21.711.9-7%156big hit+4%detail
The Amazing Race Spring*
Survivor Spring*0.81.571.8-9%143hit+2%detail
SEAL Team0.81.011.592marginaldetail
Criminal Minds*0.90.991.3-29%90marginal-21%detail

Survivor Fall: The two Survivor seasons had similar overall trends, but went about them in very different ways. This one had the better trajectory by far, starting down 20% or more in the first two weeks but growing in Plus for most weeks beyond that. It ended with a 1.9 finale that was even year-to-year in raw numbers. It was the highest Plus for a Survivor season since fall 2005. Grade: A-.

The Amazing Race Spring: After years floundering on Friday and in the summer, the Race got a major upgrade to Wednesday in the easiest part of the season, and it responded with a return to what Race was doing toward the end of its long Sunday run (including the highest single episode since fall 2010). In the end, it was still not nearly as strong as in its best Sunday years, and a huge chunk of the growth is simply explained by the timeslot change. But there was still a nice amount of overachieving as well. Grade: A-.

Survivor Spring: The spring Survivor season was the mirror image of the fall one, starting incredibly well (very close to even in raw numbers for over a month) but eventually falling to even and then down in Plus, with a 1.4 finale that was down a half-point year-to-year. Still adds up to 2% Plus growth, which means the biggest Survivor spring season in over a decade, but it just left a bad impression down the stretch. Grade: B-.

SEAL Team: Criminal Minds it was definitely not, but I would still not quite put it in "bad renewal" territory either; even the aging version of Minds is a high bar to clear. Whether it deserved to return to Wednesday 9/8c is much more dubious, but CBS stood strongly with its studio-owned show here. Grade: C.

Criminal Minds: Even considering the 10/9c move, it continued to get a little weaker (and it was a good bit shy of what CSI did in its three years here). But it's an acceptable place to let the show keep aging. Grade: B-.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

Here's the now updated Schedules Plus for CBS Wednesday.

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