Monday, November 14, 2016

War of 18-49 Updates for Summer 2016: America's Got Talent, The Bachelorette, Big Brother and more!

Here's a quick catch-up on War of 18-49 pages for some summer shows that got left behind in the early fall rush. Just doing shows that have already existing War pages. Another version of this for cable is coming soon! Click the names in each one of these tables to see the now-updated War of 18-49 page.

American Ninja Warrior1.61.762.0-9%121big hit(sum)+5%detail

After two years of raw growth, Ninja Warrior finally had a downturn in raw numbers in 2016, but still dropped less than the regular season league average. I'm grading these summer shows on a bit of a curve, because it feels kinda like there's a larger trend at play when so many of them are doing so well. -9% raw/+5% Plus would be a B+ if it were in-season, but it doesn't look that great compared with some of its summer brethren, and compared with its own huge growth in past seasons. Grade: B.

America's Got Talent Tue2.32.482.8+6%170megahit(sum)+22%detail
America's Got Talent Wed1.82.252.8+26%154megahit(sum)+45%detail

But even grading on a summer curve, what America's Got Talent did this summer with the addition of Simon Cowell was truly extraordinary. Its Tuesday editions were up in raw numbers the vast majority of the time, and it absolutely demolished last year's underwhelming Wednesday result show ratings. Grade: A.

The Bachelorette1.41.952.50%134big hit(sum)+15%detail

America's Got Talent was the triumph of the summer, but The Bachelorette was an impressive second-biggest triumph. It was down just a bit in raw early, had some growth in the mid-section, and ended up settling at exactly even in raw numbers. Grade: A. Its late-summer replacement Bachelor in Paradise would also score an easy "A," growing by 9% in raw numbers and approaching summer elite territory in its own right.

Big Brother Wed1.71.862.1-9%128big hit(sum)+5%detail
Big Brother Thu1.61.781.9-10%122big hit(sum)+3%detail
Big Brother Sun1.21.662.1-15%114big hit(sum)-2%detail

I included its extra Friday episodes in the Sunday average, just so they would be listed somewhere, so trend-wise the Wednesday and Thursday averages are more accurate. And they reveal yet another summer staple that continues to grow when compared with the average regular season show. Again, grading on a bit of a curve with this one, but Big Bro gets the edge on Ninja Warrior since it had to face the Olympics head-to-head, and it was not particularly damaged year-to-year-wise in those airings. Grade: B+.


The Gordon Ramsay staple put up some alarming numbers early in the summer and then improved late. Its last few weeks of two-hour episodes were quite impressive, but the show was also down massively for most of the pre-Olympics period. Grade: C+.

Person of Interest0.80.981.2-36%68marginal(sum)-26%detail

After four years as a staple of the CBS regular season schedule, it was relegated to late-spring/early-summer filler in its final season. Obviously its ratings can't be compared on an apples-to-apples basis with the full seasons of the past. It was a shadow of what it had once been, but not that bad by filler standards. Grade: C.

So You Think You Can Dance0.50.731.0-23%50marginal(sum)-11%detail

The veteran Fox show just kept on deteriorating, as it has for the last several years now. The only thing that keeps it from looking like a real catastrophe is the fact that it's up against growing competitors in The Bachelorette and Ninja Warrior. As usual, if it comes back, it's gonna be a late call. Grade: C-.

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