Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Breakdown: CBS Friday in 2015-16 (Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss)

It's time for a journey through the CBS Friday schedule in 2015-16...


2014-15The Amazing Race FallHawaii Five-0Blue Bloods71
2015-16The Amazing Race FallHawaii Five-0Blue Bloods77 (+8%)
76 (+10%)73 (+3%)82 (+12%)

The Amazing Race had a nice bounce-back after a disappointing start to its Friday run in fall 2014. Hawaii Five-0 started the season with a rather soft 1.0 but perked up to 1.1 for most of the rest of the fall. Blue Bloods usually built on Five-0 and nearly matched its year-ago raw numbers.


2014-15Undercover BossHawaii Five-0Blue Bloods81
2015-16Undercover BossHawaii Five-0Blue Bloods87 (+8%)
85 (+6%)85 (+6%)91 (+12%)

Hawaii Five-0 always seems to get big winter bounces when Undercover Boss comes on the scene, and it got even a slightly bigger one this year compared to last year.


2014-15The Amazing Race SpringHawaii Five-0Blue Bloods70
2015-16The Amazing Race SpringHawaii Five-0Blue Bloods76 (+8%)
70 (+2%)76 (+10%)82 (+12%)

Like Criminal Minds on Wednesday, Five-0 was able to sustain that winter bounce into the spring, and actually post better raw numbers in the spring than it did in the fall. Most of that was wrapped up in an astounding ten consecutive episodes with a 1.1! Equally quirky was Blue Bloods somehow pulling off exactly a +12% in every single sub-section of the season. (But because these sections were of unequal sizes, it was only a +11% for the full season.)

The Shows

The Amazing Race Fall*
Undercover Boss*
The Amazing Race Spring*
Hawaii Five-0*
Blue Bloods*

The Amazing Race Fall: Already updated.

Undercover Boss: Like other pieces of schedule spackle, it had like a B or B+ run in its winter timeslot before putting up a bunch of duds when it returned a second time with little promotion. It definitely wasn't as bad as what Beyond the Tank did on Tuesday after SHIELD, but still can't be completely ignored. Grade: C+.

The Amazing Race Spring: It disappointed in its 2014-15 move to Friday, then really steadied the ship in 2015-16... only to lose out on the fall schedule at the 2016 upfront. It's an obvious candidate to come off the bunch quickly in 2016-17, but I'm kinda rooting for MacGyver just so this show can stay off the board till summer. May be fun to see what happens in a pairing with Big Brother? Grade: B.

Hawaii Five-0: It looked like another year on the bubble for Five-0 in the fall, but it quietly had something of a Criminal Minds-esque turnaround after the new year. While the Undercover Boss lead-in helped as always, some of that audience seemed to stick even into the spring portion. Grade: B+.

Blue Bloods: Blue Bloods just keeps running up bigger numbers with nothing but newsmagazines in its path. It has gotten to a historically strong level of Friday dominance here; this year, it actually slipped past the peak years of Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs. Grade: A-.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

Check back tomorrow for this day's new Schedules Plus! Till then, you can refer to the old version.

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