Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Schedules Plus Enhanced: CW Sunday

Schedules Plus is the ultimate almanac to broadcast network primetime scheduling since 2001. It features lineups for three different parts of the year, as well as A18-49+ ratings that more fairly account for historical decline. For more on the tables and charts in Schedules Plus, see this primer.

This post covers CW Sunday, a night of programming that has literally gone extinct. While UPN didn't nationally program Sunday night, the WB did so pretty successfully with genre drama Charmed. So the powers that be tried to keep the night alive after the CW merger. Unfortunately, the un-cancelled 7th Heaven had nowhere near the power of Charmed in the inaugural season. And things got exponentially more embarrassing in the next two seasons. First, they had megaflop family drama Life is Wild, then they sold the night to Media Rights Capital, whose two dramas were as weak as anything we've ever seen on a big-five network. Starting in 2009-10, the CW gave up on trying to nationally program the night and gave it back to the affiliates. That departure lasted nearly a decade, but ended in 2018-19 with Supergirl and Charmed, a reboot of the CW's last reliable Sunday anchor. See the 2018-19 breakdown.

CW Sunday: Full-fall

2001-02The Steve Harvey ShowMen, Women and DogsOff CentreMen, Women and Dogs26
2002-03Charmed (1998)Angel49
2003-04Charmed (1998)Tarzan46
2004-05Charmed (1998)The Mountain30
2005-06Charmed (1998)Supernatural (R)31
2006-077th HeavenAmerica's Next Top Model Fall (R)30
2007-08Life is WildAmerica's Next Top Model Fall (R)15
2008-09ValentineEasy Money10

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