Monday, March 14, 2016

New Ways to Find Old Daily Ratings Pages

Lately I've added all the URLs for daily ratings pages to my database, allowing me to create some automated ways to allow for easier navigation of these pages. Here's a very quick description of the three new methods:

1. Relevant comparisons on each daily ratings post. Many of you noticed these comparisons last week, linking to the corresponding post from one week ago and one year ago. Since last week, I have added a drop-down menu on the third link (i.e. More Sundays) that allows you to go back multiple years (up to the whooping five years that we've been doing this). Here's an example:

2. The "Date" columns on each SpotVault page now link to the page for each date, when that page is available. For now, this is only included on Vaults that are being updated regularly (currently airing shows). But it may be added to other/older Vault pages in the future.

3. On the Spotted Ratings Index, you can now search for a page by date. Check it out!

Please let me know if you find any bugs with any of these.

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