Saturday, February 6, 2010

ABC Family in W18-34

Yesterday I posted this list of The CW shows' averages in their target demographic, women 18-34:

The Vampire Diaries: 2.8 W18-34, average of 12 originals
Gossip Girl: 2.7 W18-34, average of 12 originals
America's Next Top Model: 2.6 W18-34, average of 11 originals
One Tree Hill: 2.3 W18-34, average of 14 originals
90210: 2.3 W18-34, average of 12 originals
Melrose Place: 1.5 W18-34, average of 12 originals
Supernatural: 1.5 W18-34, average of 12 originals
Smallville: 0.9 W18-34, average of 10 originals

And though I don't have any ad rates to look at, I thought I'd post some recent results for ABC Family, which also targets W18-34. I used to be a somewhat frequent watcher of ABC Family back in the Kyle XY days and loved their extremely offbeat The Middleman, so I feel I have at least some grasp on what their ratings are like.

Secret Life of the American Teenager (airs Monday 8pm starting January 4, opposite One Tree Hill and The Bachelor): 3.1 -> 2.4 -> 1.9 -> 2.4 -> 2.1

Premiere aside, these numbers are actually below average for Secret Life based on what limited info I have from previous seasons. Several summer episodes were north of 2.5, though it could be those were just the best numbers of the season since they were the ones that got press releases. Still, this 2.4 average for this season would make it a pretty average CW show, and it's beaten One Tree Hill heads up the last two weeks (which were a 2.2 and 2.0 respectively). A lot of people will say "OHHHH this just shows you what a piece of crap the CW is. A show on a small cable net is right with 'em," and maybe there's something to that, but on the other side, it's not like ABC Family could do this with anything. Secret Life is the kind of show that has completely redefined ratings for its network. It got about three times what the other originals on the net were getting when it premiered (at least in total viewers, don't have "better" numbers going back that far). That's pretty amazing.

Make It or Break It (airs Monday 9pm starting January 4, opposite Life Unexpected and The Bachelor): 1.7 -> 1.5 -> 1.4 -> 1.5 -> 1.3

Make It or Break It has survived, and will probably continue to survive, basically on its ability to retain better out of ratings phenomenon Secret Life than a lot of the ABC Fam veterans that were tried in the 9:00 hour. It seems to generally get in the neighborhood of 2/3 of Secret Life's W18-34.

Greek (airs Monday 10pm starting January 25): 1.1 -> 1.1

Greek, meanwhile, has survived for several years now with painfully low total viewer numbers but an extremely well targeted audience. So while many people want to write it off because it retains less than half of MIoBI's total viewers, the retention is a lot better in W18-34, so it may not be completely dead yet.

Might do an updated version of this if something interesting happens in the future, but I thought it'd be nice to at least stack them up against the CW's shows. They are, perhaps sadly, surprisingly competitive with that net.


Peter said...

ABC Family’s target audience isn’t simply women 18-34, it’s also female teens, and among that demographic, Secret Life beats the CW shows on a regular basis. In fact, a year ago, ABC Family was quite happy to brag that Secret Life had slightly more female teen viewers than American Idol, and while the teen numbers have dropped since then, Secret Life is still closer to Idol than, say, Gossip Girl.

That also helps explain why Make it Or Break it was picked up for another season while Greek remains on the bubble; Greek has been holding on to most of its lead-in’s 18-34 year old audience, but Greek’s teen ratings are staggeringly bad in comparison.

Spot said...

Thanks, Peter, and good point; I remember seeing the F12-34 number on a lot of their press releases. I guess that encompasses all of who they're targeting.

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