Thursday, February 11, 2010

Demos Year to Year, Wednesday 2/10/10

The number of "good" comparisons is so light this week (and probably for most of this sweeps period) that I'm not sure I'll even bother doing my usual weekly recaps. Maybe tomorrow I'll throw together a list of same-show, same-timeslot comparisons, since it won't be all that long of a list.

(A Charlie Brown Valentine vs. Scrubs (R)) +100%
(The Middle vs. Scrubs (R)) +142%
(Modern Family vs. Lost (R)) +156%
(Cougar Town vs. Lost (R)) +80%
(Ugly Betty vs. Life on Mars) +14%

Old Christine +10%
Gary Unmarried +4%
Criminal Minds even
CSI: NY -6%

(Mercy vs. Chopping Block) +29%
(Law & Order: SVU (R) vs. Life) -29%
(Law & Order: SVU (R) vs. Law & Order) -18%

(Human Target vs. Lie to Me) -26%
American Idol +4%

(Life Unexpected (R) vs. ANTM) -58%
(Gossip Girl (R) vs. 90210 (R)) -25%

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