Thursday, February 11, 2010

Demos Year to Year, Tuesday 2/9/10

Too many repeats for there to be much of anything useful here, and it'll only get worse once the Olympics start. But hopefully the next couple original-filled days and the few days after the Olympics will justify this endeavor.

(Lost (R) vs. Homeland Security USA) +21%
(Lost vs. Scrubs (R)) +355%
(The Forgotten vs. Primetime: What Would You Do?) +5%

(NCIS vs. NCIS (R)) +46%
(NCIS:LA vs. The Mentalist (R)) +46%
(The Good Wife vs. Without a Trace (R)) +48%

The Biggest Loser -8%
(The Jay Leno Show vs. Law & Order: SVU) -53%

American Idol (8-9pm) +15%
(Past Life vs. American Idol (9-10pm)) -72%
American Idol (8-9pm vs. 8-10pm) +6%

(90210 (R) vs. Reaper) -67%
(Melrose Place (R) vs. 90210 (R)) -25%

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