Monday, February 22, 2010

Demos Year to Year, Wednesday 2/17/10

Another illuminating post full of repeat vs. original comparisons! Perhaps the only thing this endeavor has really illustrated is why I don't do posts like this every day of the season... there'd be a lot of this stuff if not for my sweeps-only rule. The only thing of interest here is that Idol took a 20% hit opposite the Olympics. Anyway, two weeks down, two to go.

(Modern Family (R) vs. Scrubs) -18%
(The Middle (R) vs. Better Off Ted) -19%
(Modern Family (R) vs. Lost 9-9:30pm) -60%
(The Middle (R) vs. Lost 9:30-10pm) -72%
(Cougar Town (R) vs. Life on Mars 10-10:30pm) -38%
(Cougar Town (R) vs. Life on Mars 10:30-11pm) -31%

(Old Christine (R) vs. Old Christine) -38%
(Gary Unmarried (R) vs. Gary Unmarried) -36%
(Criminal Minds (R) vs. Criminal Minds) -42%
(CSI:NY (R) vs. CSI:NY) -39%

(Lie to Me vs. Human Target) -32%
American Idol -20%

(Life Unexpected (R) vs. America's Next Top Model) -71%
(Gossip Girl (R) vs. 90210 (R) -50%

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