Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Demos Year to Year, Friday 2/5/10

Not even going to bother with Sunday's Super Bowl-fueled numbers. If it were a February vs. February situation I would, but since I'm comparing to the last sweeps period and would be comparing the Super Bowl to some random March Sunday, I just don't think there would be anything educational therein.

(Supernanny vs. Wife Swap) +15%
(Shark Tank vs. 20/20 special edition) -25%
20/20 -10%

Ghost Whisperer -15%
(Medium vs. Flashpoint) +5%
Numb3rs - 13%

(Law & Order (R) vs. Howie Do It (original and R)) -17%
(Dateline vs. Friday Night Lights) +25%
(The Jay Leno Show vs. Dateline) -8%
Dateline (9pm vs. 10pm) +15%

(House (R) vs. Terminator: SCC) +20%
(Kitchen Nightmares vs. Dollhouse) +13%

(Smallville (2hrs) vs. ANTM (R-2hrs)) +50%

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