Friday, August 31, 2018

The Breakdown: NBC Sunday in 2017-18 (Little Big Shots, Genius Junior, Timeless and more!)

It's time for a journey through the NBC Sunday schedule in 2017-18...


2016-17Football Night in America p3Sunday Night Football518
2017-18Football Night in America p3Sunday Night Football518 (0%)
287 (-3%)564 (+0%)
425 (-1%)564 (+0%)564 (+0%)

Sunday Night Football was down in Plus for the season, which is pretty crazy. But that's largely because the would-be Christmas Eve game got shoved over to Saturday and averaged a measly 4.1 demo. The games that actually occurred on Sunday were virtually even.


2016-17Movie Night48
2017-18DatelineMovie Night53 (+9%)
59 (+20%)50 (-2%)50 (+9%)

As usual in the post-Sunday Night Football, pre-Oscars period... yawn!


2016-17Little Big ShotsChicago JusticeShades of Blue86
2017-18Little Big ShotsGenius JuniorTimeless66 (-23%)
82 (-29%)63 (-23%)54 (-11%)

In the spring, with American Idol competition, NBC's Little Big Shots-led lineup sprung a major leak. The biggest decliner was LBS itself, but game show Genius Junior was down almost as much against the middling drama Chicago Justice. Timeless slowed the declines a good bit at 10/9c vs. Shades of Blue, but was still down double digits.

Rating the Ratings

Little Big Shots0.80.881.1-37%80marginal-30%detail
Genius Junior0.50.641.058flopdetail

Little Big Shots: (Average above does not include summer airings.) Even after a 30% decline in Plus, Little Big Shots was still the third-best spring 8/7c occupant NBC has had in the era (behind only the other two LBS seasons), which is pretty crazy. I'm sure that facing American Idol was a big factor for this kind of show, but dropping this much in the same timeslot is hard to forgive. Grade: D+.

Genius Junior: The 1.0 on premiere night showed this was not a hopeless situation. Dropping to 0.7 in week two and settling at 0.6ish is largely the show's fault. Grade: D.

Timeless: Going from Monday 10/9c in the fall after The Voice (plus a few winter eps) to Sunday 10/9c in the spring is about as bad a timeslot downgrade as there is. So Timeless may have not been that much weaker than last year (when it was already a shaky renewal), but I would still say it was at least a little weaker. It still gets the grade edge over the other two shows here because it was the closest to the year-ago occupant. Grade: C-.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

Here's the now updated Schedules Plus for NBC Sunday.

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