Friday, May 15, 2015

First Two Weeks, The Preliminary Results

I've compiled the results for our season-long First Two Weeks game... but with a couple shows still in limbo, there are a couple different contingency plans here.

 Until we hear about those shows (specifically A.D. The Bible Continues) I will not declare an official champ. I'm also making this post now so that any intrepid participant can feel free to peruse these (admittedly ugly) tables for any errors/omissions. I tried to check on missing games from the regulars to make sure there weren't any entries left out on contenders for the title, but mistakes are possible in a game with over 1,100 total entries!

Anyway, the headline is that based on what I have at the moment, there can be two different champs depending on what happens with A.D. The champ in the "A.D. cancelled" scenario is SamECircle, who would also have the most wins going 36-6. (click these images to enlarge)

And the champ in the "A.D. renewed" scenario is omabin. In this case, The Cape Was Too Good to Last had the most wins going 36-6, but omabin's 35-7 with no deferrals and very few confident losses would take the title.

Both of these images just include as many names as would fit on the screenshot, but for the "Final Results" post I'll include everyone who played any game. Will have a bit more to say on that post as well!

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