Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Question, Sunday 6/23/13: Will the Devious Maids Outfox a Broadcast Drama Premiere?

Two new dramas premiere tonight, an NBC co-production called Crossing Lines and a high-profile busted broadcast pilot Devious Maids on Lifetime. It's not a good sign for Lines that it's shoved off to Sunday relatively on its own, but I still think the Donald Sutherland-led cast and a Got Talent repeat lead-in get it to premiere better than last year's Saving Hope. Devious Maids, from Desperate Housewives' Marc Cherry, seems on-brand for Lifetime and has some hype, so I think it'll do better than its upper-0's Drop Dead Diva lead-in. Ultimately I see both going around 1.0, but I'll give Maids the slight edge since I think Lines has more huge bomb potential.

Spread: Devious Maids beats Crossing Lines by 0.05 points. (Reply with "Devious Maids" if you think Devious Maids BEATS Crossing Lines, or with "Crossing Lines" if you think Crossing Lines TIES/BEATS Devious Maids. Results based on finals to one decimal point.)

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