Friday, November 20, 2009

Demos Year to Year, Wednesday 11/18/09

In general, the push to revive Wednesday TV in the fall has been a successful one. ABC, Fox, and NBC all have timeslots where they've made real progress, and none of the drops are too bad except for Top Model's declines and SYTYCD's replacement of Bones.

(Modern Family (R) vs. Pushing Daisies 8-8:30pm) +3%
(The Middle vs. Pushing Daisies 8:30-9pm) +45%
(Modern Family vs. Private Practice 9-9:30pm) +57%
(Cougar Town vs. Private Practice 9:30-10pm) +28%
(Robin Roberts vs. Dirty Sexy Money) +35%

Old Christine -8%
Gary Unmarried -11%
Criminal Minds -12%
CSI: NY -16%

(SYTYCD vs. Bones) -34%
(Glee vs. House (R)) +57%

(Mercy vs. Knight Rider) +33%
(Law & Order: SVU vs. Life) +53%
(The Jay Leno Show vs. Law & Order) -36%

America's Next Top Model -22%
(ANTM Clip Show vs. Stylista) -20%

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