Friday, November 6, 2009

Demos Year to Year, Thursday 10/5/09

No more World Series, no more elections, so let's dig into a much less sloppy week of year-to-year comparisons!

(Flashforward vs. Ugly Betty) -4%
Grey's Anatomy -15%
(Private Practice vs. Life on Mars) +17%

Survivor -3%
CSI -31%
(The Mentalist vs. Eleventh Hour) +16%

(Bones vs. Kitchen Nightmares 8pm) +30%
(Fringe vs. Kitchen Nightmares 9pm) -23%

(Community vs. My Name is Earl) -12%
(Parks & Recreation vs. Kath & Kim) -8%
The Office -5%
30 Rock -23%
(The Jay Leno Show vs. ER) -50%

(The Vampire Diaries vs. Smallville) even
Supernatural -14%

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