Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Demos Year to Year, Friday 10/30/09

Worth noting: the year-ago evening was Halloween!

(Supernanny vs. Wife Swap) +18%
(Ugly Betty vs. Supernanny) -15%
20/20 even
(Supernanny) even

Ghost Whisperer -9%
(Medium vs. NCIS repeat) -14%
Numb3rs -26%

(House (R) vs. 5th Grader/Lyrics) even

(Law & Order vs. Deal or No Deal) +56%
(Dateline vs. Crusoe) +100%
(Jay Leno Show vs. Lipstick Jungle) +20%

(Smallville vs. Everybody Hates Chris/The Game) +83%
America's Next Top Model (R) even

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