Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Demos Year to Year, Sunday 11/8/09

A couple notes: AFHV aired abbreviated editions both last Sunday and on the year-ago evening, and both were close to 30 minutes long, but not exactly. CBS' football overrun on this pair of evenings was 20 minutes in 2009 and 26 minutes in 2008.

America's Funniest Home Videos (7:30pm) +5%
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -14%
Desperate Housewives -25%
Brothers & Sisters -22%

60 Minutes -10%
The Amazing Race +3%
(Three Rivers vs. Cold Case) -42%
(Cold Case vs. The Unit) -35%
Cold Case (10pm vs. 9pm) -45%

(American Dad vs. The Simpsons (R)) -20%
(Family Guy 8pm vs. The Simpsons) -3%
(Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show vs. King of the Hill) +3%
Family Guy (9pm) -2%
(The Cleveland Show vs. American Dad) -3%

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