Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Demos Year to Year, Sunday 11/22/09

Again, the overrun is switched... CBS had it this year (and it was about 30 minutes even) and FOX last year. Again, the striking thing on this night is how healthy The Amazing Race is and then how steeply the rest of the evening falls.

(NASCAR/AFHV vs. AMA Red Carpet Live) -14%
American Music Awards +8%

60 Minutes +22%
The Amazing Race +37%
Cold Case -19%
(Three Rivers vs. The Unit) -32%

(The Simpsons vs. 24: Redemption 8-8:30pm) -25%
(The Cleveland Show vs. 24: Redemption 8:30-9pm) -20%
(Family Guy vs. 24: Redemption 9-9:30pm) +3%
(American Dad vs. 24: Redemption 9:30-10pm) -30%

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