Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Demos Year to Year, Monday 11/23/09

Dancing with the Stars -15%
(Find My Family vs. Samantha Who?) even
(Castle vs. Boston Legal) +29%

I said on the Twitter that FMF's Dancing retention looked similar to that of Samantha Who's from last fall, but this paints a better picture for FMF... however, I think Sam posted similar numbers for most of the rest of the fall, and Dancing was usually weaker (on non-finale weeks). May have to check into that. Meanwhile, Castle's up big while the lead-in's identical, some of the best news it's gotten in awhile, and finally some ratings that are interesting enough to remotely live up to all the talking about them.

(How I Met Your Mother vs. The Big Bang Theory) -5%
(Accidentally on Purpose vs. How I Met Your Mother) -28%
2.5 Men -11%
(The Big Bang Theory vs. Worst Week) +63%
CSI: Miami -5%
HIMYM (8pm vs. 8:30pm) -16%
BBT (9:30pm vs. 8pm) +33%

(House vs. Terminator: SCC) +156%... And this number declines for the 2nd straight week. ;-)
(Lie to Me vs. Prison Break) +29%

(Heroes vs. Chuck) -4%
(Trauma vs. Heroes) -51%
(The Jay Leno Show vs. My Own Worst Enemy) -18%
Heroes (8pm vs. 9pm) -34%

One Tree Hill (R) -17%
(Gossip Girl (R) vs. One Tree Hill (original)) -55%

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