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The Breakdown: NBC Friday in 2022-23 (Lopez Vs. Lopez, Young Rock, Dateline and more!)

It's time for a journey through the NBC Friday schedule in 2022-23...


2021-22Home Sweet HomeDateline60
2022-23Lopez Vs. LopezYoung RockDateline72 (+19%)
69 (+85%)61 (+63%)75 (+4%)
65 (+74%)75 (+4%)75 (+4%)


NBC's 8/7c hour in the fall was split evenly between Capital One College Bowl, a second-year game show that first aired in summer 2021, and a comedy hour with newbie Lopez Vs. Lopez and returnee Young Rock. The comedies provided quite a boost vs. College Bowl and an even bigger boost vs. last year's megabomb Home Sweet Home.


2021-22The BlacklistDateline73
2022-23Lopez Vs. LopezYoung RockDateline74 (+1%)
64 (+11%)57 (-1%)80 (0%)
61 (+5%)80 (-2%)80 (-2%)


Falling just a bit in the winter, the comedies kept NBC narrowly on the plus side year-to-year even once NBC got its act together last year with The Blacklist.


2021-22The BlacklistDateline64
2022-23Lopez Vs. LopezGrand CrewDateline60 (-7%)
58 (+21%)42 (-14%)64 (-11%)
50 (+3%)64 (-11%)65 (-10%)


Young Rock finished up in late February and gave way to sophomore Grand Crew, which was a considerable downgrade retention-wise and probably played some role in derailing Dateline in the spring as well. Lopez Vs. Lopez had only a handful of episodes here in the spring window, then moved to Tuesday for its last three.

Rating the Ratings

Capital One College Bowl0.20.230.2

Lopez Vs. Lopez0.20.280.3
Young Rock0.20.250.3-36%59flop-23%detail
Grand Crew0.10.170.2-44%41flop-33%detail
Dateline Fri*0.20.310.5-17%73solid(Fri)-1%detail

Capital One College Bowl: It averaged a 61 Plus for season one after America's Got Talent in the summer, so only dropping low-teens in a move to Friday at 8/7c seems fine, but it was also moving from the summer to the very start of the fall. Ultimately it wasn't nearly as much of an eyesore as Home Sweet Home last year, but was quickly outshone when the comedies took over. Grade: C.

Lopez Vs. Lopez: On a network with almost no comedy history on this night, this show did fairly decent! It was no Last Man Standing, but it would be right at home among most of the other comedies ABC has programmed on the night in the Plus era. (Crazily, the one Friday season of ABC's George Lopez all the way back in 2003-04 actually averaged the exact same 65 Plus as Lopez Vs. Lopez.) Not as strong as peak Grimm, but in line with the lower-rated Grimm seasons and better than most of what The Blacklist and Blindspot have done on this night. Friday just seems like fertile terrain in general on a relative basis these days, so I don't want to go too crazy, but I think I'm safe with a Grade: B.

Young Rock: It was typically down 10-15% from its Lopez lead-in, which isn't that bad, and Grand Crew would make things worse later on in the season. But it's still just kind of a mediocre performer, which I don't really think is what NBC was looking for out of a Dwayne Johnson sitcom, and so Lopez will have to look for a new teammate going forward. Grade: C.

Grand Crew: It was probably a little worse than borderline last year and even worse on Friday this year, decidedly weaker than both its Lopez lead-in and its Young Rock predecessor in the timeslot. Grade: D+.

Dateline Fri: Even or maybe a teeny bit up with a Young Rock lead-in and down pretty significantly in the spring when Grand Crew took over. Pretty steady season, which is fine considering everyone else is strong on Friday too. Grade: B-.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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