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The Breakdown: Fox Monday in 2016-17 (Gotham, Lucifer, 24: Legacy, APB)

It's time for a journey through the Fox Monday schedule in 2016-17...


2015-16GothamMinority Report76
2016-17GothamLucifer89 (+17%)
92 (-11%)87 (+78%)

Lucifer was one of the pleasant surprises of midseason 2016, and it parlayed that success into a massive timeslot improvement over last year's megabomb Minority Report. Gotham clung to low-1's throughout the fall, which was down somewhat in Plus.


2015-16The X-FilesLucifer146
2016-1724: LegacyAPB86 (-41%)
91 (-48%)80 (-31%)

A year after giving the NFC title game to The X-Files and getting gangbusters results on Monday, the network gave the freaking Super Bowl to 24: Legacy (albeit with a start time after 11:00 ET) and ended up with a much, much weaker lineup on Monday. APB actually had an optimistic 1.5 start alongside Legacy's 1.5, but then managed to get even more rejected in the post-premiere weeks and had a bunch of 0.6's late in the season.


2016-17GothamLucifer76 (-10%)
80 (-6%)71 (-14%)

Fox brought back Gotham and Lucifer so late that 24 and APB were actually the most frequent spring occupants, but I chose the former duo just to give something resembling apples-to-apples comparisons. Gotham looked good after DST, hanging on to a 1.0 most weeks, while Lucifer oddly got hit harder than the 8:00 show.

Rating the Ratings

24: Legacy0.80.971.579marginaldetail

Gotham: Despite airing two weeks into the summer, True doesn't really perceive its timeslot to have been more difficult, since that was cancelled out by some January airings this year that it didn't get last year. So it was still a legit decline season for Gotham. But it slowed the decline a good bit compared with season two, and even somewhat in the spring compared with the fall. Grade: B-.

24: Legacy: It got cancelled last night, but I'm leaving my previous grade/analysis mostly intact. To use a Super Bowl lead-in on a big-name franchise and end up with basically a bubble-level show is not a good result, even if there's no Jack Bauer. The renewal still could be justified; it held up OK beyond the first few weeks when you account for the arrival of DST. Probably a C+ if it were just some random show that ended up at this level, but it gets nicked because of the "disappointment" and the resources that were wasted on it. Grade: C-.

Lucifer: Despite the -14% listed above for the spring comparison, it actually didn't have direct timeslot comparisons because it returned on May 1 after wrapping on April 25 last year. So that comparison is probably not quite as bad as it looks. Still, I was planning on giving this a big bonus because it was front-loaded in season one, but it ended up being kinda front-loaded in season two as well... Grade: C+.

APB: This was not the path I was expecting APB to take, with a surprisingly nice start and huge rejection. Might have actually ticked its grade up if it started at 1.0 instead and ended up at the 0.6. But the end result is the same; it was on the low end of the blob of Fox mediocrity. Grade: D.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

Here's the now updated Schedules Plus for Fox Monday.

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