Tuesday, August 5, 2014

War of 18-49 Update, The Amazing Race (Spring 2014)

Let's take a look at the spring 2014 season (the twenty-fourth overall) of The Amazing Race on CBS.

Timeslot Lo Avg Hi y2y A18-49+ Label y2y Results
Sunday 8:001.5 1.762.0 -25%93marginal -16% detail

Rating the Ratings: Unfortunately, the fall season wasn't a fluke for The Amazing Race, which plummeted below the league average in a brutal spring 2014. It was actually down even more than the fall season, but that can probably be chalked up to the premiere pulling a 1.5 against the Closing Ceremony of the Winter Olympics, down 40% year-to-year. Week two then faced the Academy Awards and hung another 1.5, but that scheduling was (unfortunately) a usual occurrence for this show. From there, Race had its usual rally, to the upper-1's for most of the rest of the season, but that was still down at least 20% from the spring 2013 episodes. It had a bit more of an excuse in the spring than in the fall, but there's still little doubt this show got a lot weaker in 2013-14. And though it's still CBS' strongest Sunday series in the demo, it's off to Friday in fall 2014. The silver lining is that means it'll always start on time. Grade: D+.

Here's the now updated War of 18-49 post for The Amazing Race.

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