Monday, August 11, 2014

War of 18-49 Update, 24: Live Another Day (Summer 2014)

Let's take a look at the summer 2014 season (the ninth overall) of 24 on Fox.

Timeslot Lo Avg Hi y2y A18-49+ Label y2y Results
Monday 9:001.4 1.762.6 -40%93hit(sum) -11% detail

Rating the Ratings: For War of 18-49 purposes, I'm counting Live Another Day as a full-fledged ninth season of 24, but your mileage may vary. It certainly felt like 24 in every way except number of episodes. Even making a historical adjustment, it was the weakest season of 24 among the ones with known Plus scores (though season one's 4.26 raw average may have come very close). However, it also had to air in the summer, which complicates those comparisons somewhat. And the serialized drama is in the category most affected by the proliferation of DVRs over the last four years. Still, I will admit I expected the show to do a few ticks better than the mid-1's at which it settled late in the run. Maybe that's just a me problem and 24 shouldn't have been expected to suddenly pick up steam, even "given all the hype." But I was a bit disappointed. It's one of the more complicated situations when assigning a grade, but I'm going with the "somewhat above average drop" grade to try to mitigate the added difficulties of summer somewhat. Grade: C.

Here's the now updated War of 18-49 post for 24.


Spot said...

It definitely underperformed. No doubt about that. I wish the low 2's Masterchef airing now would have shown up to help lead in. Do you have any repeat data from other seasons? Those .2's and .3's on Friday were just awful, even for a repeat of a serial

Spot said...

My thoughts exactly. Not a flop by all means, but disappointing. Personally, I expected high 1s rather than mid 1s. Clear "C".

Spot said...

24 was able to start (relatively) hot due to the hype surrounding its return and starting during May sweeps. I think the show got dinged twice: the hype faded and NBC got more male-leaning with American Ninja Warrior, which sort of bears out since AMW has caught some upticks with 24 off the sked. Whether that's because NBC is giving it an original lead-in or it's typical for this show is a debatable point.

I think 24's performance for the show's history is average at best. Compared to the rest of Fox's summer schedule, though (Riot, I Wanna Marry Harry, Gang Related, So You Think You Can Dance, Hotel Hell, Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef) it's above-average. If Fox's schedule continues to spring leaks and/or looks like a dumpster fire, I wouldn't be surprised to see another season.

Spot said...

It was almost never rerun. Back in the mid-aughts it got two repeats per year (usually in the low 1's). And there was a combined one repeat in the last three seasons (a 1.2 for the season 7 finale right before the season 8 premiere). Running so many repeats this summer was rather odd, especially since Bones wasn't getting repeated anywhere.

Spot said...

I think they were trying a cable-like strategy of saturating the schedule w/ repeats of the show to try to drum up interest in the first runs. If so, the mission profile was severely compromised.

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