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SpotVault - Specials & Movies (ABC) - 2012-13

Specials & Movies on ABC

2012-13 ABC Special Ratings

# Day Date Name Viewers A18-49 Share y2y
1We10/03/2012ABC Debate Analysis8.872.56n/a
2Th10/11/2012ABC Debate Analysis6.061.44n/a
3Tu10/16/2012ABC Debate Analysis9.522.56n/a
4Mo10/22/2012ABC Debate Analysis8.052.15n/a
5We10/31/2012It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown7.992.79+17%
6Th11/01/2012CMA Awards13.683.810-21%
7Su11/18/2012American Music Awards9.523.48-21%
8We11/21/2012A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving8.032.27+22%
9Th11/22/2012A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (R)3.991.14n/a
10Th11/22/2012Bad 254.601.24n/a
11Tu11/27/2012How the Grinch Stole Christmas8.372.47-4%
12Tu11/27/2012Shrek the Halls8.442.57-4%
13We11/28/2012A Charlie Brown Christmas8.852.98+4%
14Su12/09/2012Prep & Landing4.861.43+27%
15Su12/09/2012Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice4.721.43-36%
16Tu12/11/2012Santa Claus is Comin' to Town5.611.75-23%
17We12/12/2012Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating7.632.16-9%
18Su12/16/2012Bachelorette: Ashley and JP's Wedding3.951.03n/a
19Tu12/18/2012A Charlie Brown Christmas (R)5.831.75-6%
20We12/19/2012The Year with Katie Couric5.431.64+7%
21Th12/20/2012I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown5.011.44+0%
22Th12/20/2012CMA Country Christmas7.211.44-33%
23Fr12/21/2012Back to the Beginning5.271.13n/a
24Sa12/22/2012Prep & Landing 2: Naughty vs. Nice (R)2.000.52n/a
25Sa12/22/2012A Chipmunk Christmas2.100.52-62%
26Sa12/22/2012CMA Country Christmas (R)3.000.62+0%
27Mo12/24/2012Prep & Landing (R)3.370.94n/a
28Mo12/24/2012Shrek the Halls (R)3.331.04-33%
29Tu12/25/2012How the Grinch Stole Christmas (R)5.091.85+29%
30Th12/27/2012Happy New Year, Charlie Brown4.641.24+9%
31Fr12/28/2012Back to the Beginning p25.210.93n/a
32Mo12/31/2012New Year's Rockin' Eve 8-10pm9.442.69+4%
33Mo12/31/2012New Year's Rockin' Eve13.334.214+2%
34Sa01/12/201320/20 Paegant Confidential3.000.62n/a
35Sa01/12/2013Miss America Pageant7.101.64-11%
36Tu01/29/2013Jimmy Kimmel Live (R)3.151.23n/a
37Sa02/09/2013Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown2.900.72-30%
38We02/20/2013Mad About Oscar5.021.34n/a
39Su02/24/2013Oscar Red Carpet p112.442.99+4%
40Su02/24/2013Oscar Red Carpet p216.504.313+8%
41Su02/24/2013Oscar Red Carpet p325.537.320+18%
42Su02/24/2013Academy Awards40.3813.031+11%
43Su03/31/2013It's the Easter Beagle, Charie Brown2.560.62n/a
44Sa04/06/201320/20 General Hospital2.90.72n/a
45Tu04/30/2013Amanda Knox Speaks8.471.75n/a
46Sa05/18/2013Rock 'n' Roll Royalty: Billboard's All-Stars3.600.73n/a
47Su05/19/2013Billboard Music Awards9.483.510+30%

2012-13 ABC Movie Ratings

# Day Date Name Viewers A18-49 Share y2y
1Sa12/08/2012The Borrowers2.40.51n/a
2Su12/09/2012Christmas with Holly7.731.84n/a
4Su12/23/2012The Sound of Music5.251.13+22%
5Mo12/24/2012Shrek the Third3.351.14+0%
6Tu12/25/2012How the Grinch Stole Christmas4.651.75+42%
7Sa12/29/2012Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire2.500.72n/a
8Su12/30/2012Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix3.010.82n/a
9Sa01/19/2013Blades of Glory2.360.72-22%
10Su01/27/2013The Makeover5.191.13n/a
11Sa02/02/2013War of the Worlds2.700.62n/a
12Sa02/09/2013Despicable Me4.001.34n/a
13Sa02/16/2013Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets2.200.72n/a
15Sa03/30/2013The Ten Commandments5.61.14-27%
16Su04/21/2013Remember Sunday6.501.34n/a
17Sa04/27/2013Over the Hedge2.100.62-45%

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Viewers - The number of total viewers age 2+ (in millions) that watched the program.
A18-49 -The average percentage of TV-owning adults 18-49 that watched the program.
Share - The average percentage of TV-watching adults 18-49 that watched the program.
y2y - Percent difference between the A18-49 rating and the A18-49 rating from one year ago.

Blue backgrounds are originals; white backgrounds are encores. The "(R)" notation is only used to denote a second airing of a special/movie within the same season.

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