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The Breakdown: ABC Sunday in 2018-19 (America's Funniest Home Videos, American Idol, Shark Tank and more!)

It's time for a journey through the ABC Sunday schedule in 2018-19...


2017-18America's Funniest Home VideosShark TankTen Days in the Valley74
2018-19Dancing with the Stars: JuniorsShark TankThe Alec Baldwin Show60 (-20%)
71 (-19%)75 (-20%)33 (-19%)

It was pretty much all bad news for ABC Sunday in the fall; creating a kids spin-off of the fast-fading Dancing with the Stars proved to be ill-advised, and the declining Shark Tank couldn't do a lot better at 9/8c. At 10/9c, an Alec Baldwin talk show produced a similarly huge decline, even compared with perhaps the biggest bomb of last season!


2017-18America's Funniest Home VideosShark Tank98
2018-19America's Funniest Home VideosShark Tank106 (+8%)
124 (+20%)100 (-7%)95 (+14%)

In the winter, America's Funniest Home Videos made its return to the 8/7c hour, highlighted by a glorious pair of 1.3's in January. After double-pumping Shark Tank throughout January last year, ABC held back a little more this time to save some episodes for a post-Idol run. But what we did see of Shark Tank was still notable as a major turnaround from its weak fall ratings.


2017-18American IdolDeception120
2018-19American IdolShark Tank119 (-1%)
135 (-8%)135 (-8%)87 (+32%)

American Idol took a ratings dip in its second ABC season, but pulled off another late April upswing and actually managed to get the Sunday average decline into the single digits. That was small enough that its losses could be cancelled out by big gains in the 10/9c hour, where Shark Tank improved on year-ago drama Deception.

Rating the Ratings

America's Funniest Home Videos0.60.901.3-11%94marginal+2%detail
Dancing with the Stars: Juniors0.60.680.871marginaldetail
American Idol Sun*1.01.321.7-21%139hit-9%detail
Shark Tank*0.60.811.1-18%86marginal-6%detail
The Alec Baldwin Show0.10.240.325flopdetail

America's Funniest Home Videos: Not a big difference from what it was last year, but what it was last year was pretty remarkable by AFHV standards. Grade: B+.

Dancing with the Stars: Juniors: Not sure if I'm penalizing this show itself or just again penalizing the miserable state of DWTS in general right now. Maybe this show would've pulled 70% of the mothership's ratings even if the mothership were in her prime, in which case it would look like a nice win. But 70% of a league average show is a loss, and looks especially bad up against what AFHV has proven it can do here. Grade: D.

American Idol: Already updated.

Shark Tank: About the same rate of decline as last year, as the show continues to descend from its Friday heights. I penalize it a bit more grade-wise because the fall results were ugly, and a lot of the winter 10/9c episodes from last year got moved to after American Idol, which should've been a better situation. Grade: C.

The Alec Baldwin Show: One of the biggest disasters of the A18-49+ era. Grade: F.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

Here's the now updated Schedules Plus for ABC Sunday.

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