Saturday, May 22, 2010

Demos Year to Year, Thursday 5/20/10

(Flashforward vs. Ugly Betty) -20%
Grey's Anatomy (2 hrs.) -8% (despite the finale being stunningly high, it's still down from last year's, which shows just how far its ratings fell over the course of this season)

(The Mentalist (R) vs. Survivor) -63%
CSI -3%
(The Mentalist vs. CSI: NY) +7%

(Community vs. My Name is Earl) even
Parks and Recreation +10%
The Office -3%
30 Rock -4%
(The Marriage Ref vs. Southland) +25%

Bones +8%
(Fringe vs. Hell's Kitchen) -38%

(Smallville (R) vs. Smallville/Supernatural finales) -62%

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