Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Demos Year to Year, 5/14/10 thru 5/17/10

Friday 5/14/10

Wife Swap/Primetime: WWYD? vs. Happy Feet +23%
20/20 +50%

Ghost Whisperer -32% (these numbers have been ugly all season, and now the show's axed... perhaps we know why)
(Medium vs. Flashpoint) -17%
(Miami Medical vs. Numb3rs) -40%

(Friday Night Lights vs. Howie Do It (R)) +63% (who'd have thunk we'd see FNL on a list of biggest growers? It's gonna happen)
Dateline -7%

(House (R) vs. Prison Break) +11%
(Kitchen Nightmares vs. Dollhouse) +50%

(Smallville vs. Chris/Game) +25%
(America's Next Top Model (R)) -20%

Sunday 5/16/10

America's Funniest Home Videos even
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition +12%
Desperate Housewives -3% (perhaps more importantly, -15% from last year's finale)
Brothers & Sisters -3%

60 Minutes +13%
(Survivor vs. Amazing Race/Cold Case) +45% (perhaps more importantly, even with last year's finale)
(Survivor reunion vs. The Unit) +50% (perhaps more importantly, -12% from last year's reunion)

Miss USA 2010 vs. (Dateline/Celebrity Apprentice) -13%
Celebrity Apprentice (9-11pm) -36%
Celebrity Apprentice (9-11pm vs. 8-11pm) -26%

('Til Death vs. Sit Down, Shut Up) +29%
(The Simpsons (R) vs. American Dad! (R)) +40%
The Simpsons +16%
(The Cleveland Show vs. King of the Hill) +47%
Family Guy +22%
American Dad! +17%

Monday 5/17/10

Dancing with the Stars (8-10pm vs. 8-9:30pm) -2%
Castle even

(How I Met Your Mother vs. BBT) -16%
(Rules of Engagement vs. HIMYM) -19%
2.5 Men -2%
(The Big Bang Theory vs. Rules of Engagement) +53%
CSI: Miami -26%
HIMYM (8pm vs. 8:30) -14%
Rules of Engagement (8:30 vs. 9:30) -19%
The Big Bang Theory (9:30 vs. 8pm) +49%

(Chuck vs. Deal or No Deal) +73% (again, Chuck will surprisingly make the list of biggest timeslot growers, which should illustrate just how dead DOND really was by the end)
(Law & Order vs. Medium (9-11pm)) -19%

House -9%
24 -9%

(One Tree Hill vs. Gossip Girl) -17%
(Gossip Girl vs. One Tree Hill) even
One Tree Hill (8pm vs. 9pm) -9%
Gossip Girl (9pm vs. 8pm) -8%

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