Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Demos Year to Year, Friday 5/21/10

Been working like a mad scientist on the First Two Weeks system and incorporating some new stuff that seems to increase the accuracy, but the bottom line is that it's not at a point where I can post about it and may not be for awhile. So the final wrap-up post on that will have to wait.

Also upcoming are the Sunday/Monday posts, and I'm hoping to get together a ratings-based preview of summer TV, broadcast and cable, next week.

(Wife Swap vs. America's Funniest Home Videos 8-9pm) -14%
(Primetime: WWYD? vs. AFHV 9-10pm) even
20/20 -19%

Ghost Whisperer -24%
(Medium vs. Flashpoint) -11%
(Miami Medical vs. Numb3rs) -43%

(Friday Night Lights vs. Dateline) -23%
(Dateline vs. Farrah's Story) -35%
Dateline (9-11pm vs. 8pm) -13%

(House (R) vs. Prison Break 8-9pm) -25%
(Kitchen Nightmares vs. Prison Break 9-1opm) +17%

(America's Next Top Model (R) 8-9pm vs. The Game) -44%
America's Next Top Model (R) (9-10pm) -33%

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