Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Demos Year to Year, Friday 5/7/10

Wife Swap even
(Primetime: What Would You Do? vs. Supernanny) +27%
20/20 -11%

Ghost Whisperer -33%
(Medium vs. Flashpoint) -14%
(Miami Medical vs. Numb3rs) -41%

(Friday Night Lights vs. Howie Do It (original and repeat)) +33%
Dateline -13%

(House (R) vs. Prison Break) +10%
(Kitchen Nightmares vs. Dollhouse) +36%

(Smallville vs. Everybody Hates Chris/The Game) even
America's Next Top Model (R) -33%

The Smallville vs. Chris/Game comparisons are particularly alarming because this was one of the biggest timeslot gainers almost every week during November. Smallville has since fallen so far that it's about even with how these canceled shows were doing at this time last year.

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