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The Breakdown: ABC Monday in 2021-22 (Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, The Good Doctor and more!)

It's time for a journey through the ABC Monday schedule in 2021-22...


2020-21Dancing with the StarsEmergency Call115
2021-22Dancing with the StarsThe Good Doctor125 (+9%)
147 (+6%)147 (+6%)82 (+21%)


Following last year's big resurgence, Dancing with the Stars had very nearly the same Plus in fall 2021. The season average was slightly down, as we will see below, but it's listed as up in this table because last year's big premiere happened before the start of the regular season. The Good Doctor returned to the early fall after getting delayed somewhat last year and continued on its downward trajectory.


2020-21The BachelorThe Good Doctor169
2021-22The BachelorPromised Land110 (-35%)
147 (-29%)147 (-29%)37 (-60%)


The Bachelor's record-setting three-year run came to a screeching halt in winter 2022, dropping all the way out of megahit territory to a seven-year low. But the news was even worse in the 10/9c, where new family drama Promised Land was one of the biggest bombs of the season and got sent to Hulu after just five episodes on ABC.


2020-21American IdolThe Good Doctor99
2021-22American IdolThe Good Doctor116 (+16%)
135 (+26%)135 (+26%)77 (-7%)


American Idol showed up for its usual spring run to bring some improvement to the night. Idol had a strong season on Sunday, but the Monday episodes trended even better (roughly even in raw numbers).

Rating the Ratings

The Good Doctor*0.40.400.5-29%79marginal-11%detail
Dancing with the Stars Fall*0.70.740.9-22%145hit-2%detail
The Bachelor*0.60.811.1-40%158big hit-24%detail
American Idol Mon*0.60.690.7-1%135hit+26%detail
Promised Land0.20.190.2

The Good Doctor: It keeps dropping consistently, and in Live+SD it's now roughly on the low end of what Castle did in its eight years here. But at least Promised Land provided a reminder that ABC can still do much, much worse. It will be back in this hour again for season six, but without its usual DWTS lead-in for the fall. Grade: C.

Dancing with the Stars Fall: Finished a hair behind last season, but it's still among the higher-rated Dancing seasons historically, especially within the last decade. Coupled with a season of big drops across the Bachelor franchise, that makes this a brutal loss for ABC as it heads for Disney+ going forward. It's a complicated issue for ABC with Monday Night Football getting more play on the net, and it's always seemed like there are logistical issues with scheduling this show outside of Monday. Grade: B.

The Bachelor: This size drop over two hours is a big blow to the ABC schedule, but it wasn't a huge surprise after what happened with The Bachelorette in the fall (it was actually down even more than The Bachelor). ABC is probably hoping that the franchise was just overexposed with multiple Bachelorette seasons each of the last two years, but the loss of DWTS means they can only scale back so much. The Bachelorette is resting till July, then Bachelor in Paradise will return for the fall. Grade: D+.

American Idol: Saving this for the Sunday post.

Promised Land: Bottomed out with just 23% retention in week four, bringing back some memories of Quantico's run after The Bachelor five years ago. Say what you want about compatibility but these numbers are objectively awful after any lead-in, and truly disastrous after a big one. Grade: F.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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